A message from the founders of Global Connections Group

At Global Connections Group we believe that the sky is nowhere close to being the limit. In just a few months we learned that with great people and the support of an enormous community we can do anything.
Any new idea seems impossible at first but only natural at last.
Our vision is a united world where we aren't citizens of a state but citizens of a global community. Neither origin nor personal opinions and attitudes will make a difference when we accept that we belong to the same world and share identical goals.

Our approach is simple: give everyone the tools to change our world for the better and create a warmer place for everyone.
To do so we support political and social commitment around the globe and work on increasing awareness for political and social crisis wherever they may be.
The global citizen we envision does not only care about his or her surroundings but about everyones life quality. Furthermore caring is not only knowledge but also commitment. Commitment supported and shared by the Global Connections Group.

After all we deeply believe in the freedom of speech, the sharing of information and the possibility for everyone to get active in whatever matter.
Finally let us again remind you that together we can achieve anything and go anywhere.
The Global Connections Group is your opportunity to make a change and leave something behind - we warmly invite you to take it!

Patrick Freyer, Julia Milis