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The Global Connections Group, founded and currently based in Brussels, Belgium, is an organization supporting political, and social commitment around the globe. We do so by hosting panel debates, creating ties between students worldwide and publishing Global Life Magazine. Our main effort focuses on increasing awareness for political and social development in less well-known countries. We encourage and support people and enterprises donating to third-world countries, giving them the means for maximum impact. Finally, we give 0% loans to selected entrepreneurs in multiple African countries.

On the 20th of September, the Global Connections Group hosted its largest event so far on the German elections! Speakers included ranking representatives from all major parties, who presented their views and ideas, discussing topics from sustainable energy to Germany's role in the EU. We would like to thank everyone for the exciting evening filled with ideas, debates, and passion!

The Global Connections Group is lending to selected entrepreneurs in developing countries at a 0% rate in an effort to support small businesses and empower innovative ideas. Get in touch to apply for a loan or learn more about our commitment!


Local branches of the Global Connections Group

Patrick Freyer, President of the GCG with David McAllister
I am delighted that young people like you closely follow international politics and also get actively involved.

European politicians have repeatedly stated how much they appreciate the Global Connections Groups work and committment. Only recently did Elmar Brok (Chair to the committee for foreign relations of the European parliament) write a personal letter to the GCG board also assuring his willingness to support any future GCG event.

A message from the founders of Global Connections Group


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